It’s a new year, a new day and goodness me I’m back in front of the computer, blogging again. 2014 was a tumultuous year, so much change that we wouldn’t know where to begin. Suffice to say, on New Year’s Eve last year we had a dinner of fondue and raclette with some friends where we lived in south-east London. Seven months later, we arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, our new home and the home of fondue and raclette. Last night we had lasagna for dinner, so Turin here we come?

I have an idea of keeping lists and documenting my experience. I had a good go during 2014 at trying to see all the French car registration department numbers, Swiss car registration canton letters, all the diplomatic plates Geneva offers and all the international stickers I could see. I didn’t quite make it on any front but I had a good go trying, with FL from Liechtenstein being the last of the latter I saw just a day or two ago. I’m keen on having another go at all of these in 2015 and adding in Italian plates too.

And with my new found freedom to go walking and birdwatching, I intend to keep a list of birds that I get clear sightings of in 2015. I even saw some today:

1. Dipper

2. House Sparrow

3. Crow

4. Wood Pigeon

5. Robin

6. Buzzard.

7. Mallard duck.

8. Gadwall

9. Goosander

There are a couple more, I might need to edit this later!

And as I had a good go at it last year, I’m having a go at Janathon in 2015 – exercising every day and posting about it. Then I was posting from but this time I’m having a go from the family blog, as part of an initiative to get me writing more on this blog. We’ve got lots to share!

Today’s Janathon exercise was a 4.1k walk from Bout-de-Monde to the Arve around Vessy, where we spent an age throwing stones in the river, skimming stones and floating our little nutshell boats that Mama and Mtoto made this morning. Some had sails, some had candles inside. They all floated in pools we made or off down the river. I made a wish as I released each of mine, sending them off with my fears and anxieties from 2014.