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Hey diddle diddle

Hey diddle diddle

The cushion and the computer,

The song jumped over the number three;

The watch laughed,

To see the bear,

And the bench ran away with the window.

I have no idea how many words Mtoto has in his vocabulary, but there sure are a lot. He’s found another way to test them out in the past few days, using the popular refrain about the cat and the fiddle, converting it into all kinds of silliness. We first heard Mtoto using the poem one evening in his cot. No doubt he’s heard the poem many times from several poetry books that we have. The first few times that he used it himself he stuck to the original words. But as he’s grown in confidence with it, he’s been mixing it up. Sometimes the spoon jumps over the moon. In other versions, all the key words are replaced. Of course, as he tries something out, we praise him and we laugh. And he’s encouraged and he does it again, with some more words.

I love listening to Mtoto using his words.


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  1. I remember when our younger one was about that age, he came up with “Katie Beardie had a fly, like a diamond in the sky, wasnae that a dainty fly, dance Katie Beardie!” Conflation of nursery rhymes from two languages!

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