Today was the day that I received my Christmas present, a Garmin GPS watch. So from here on in I hope to have some useful measurements of my training runs. But until then, well I didn’t even have my cell phone with me today as I decided to switch it off and leave it at home. Consequently, I have no records of the time we took or the distance I walked. But it was a good one.

First up a walk across Geneva, skirting the lake from Jardin Anglais and over Pont Mont Blanc, then through Cornavin and up to see friends in St Jean, around 35 minutes walking and about 2 miles. They live on the seventh floor of their block, with fabulous views of Saleve and other mountains in France, as well as the top of Jet D’eau and other parts of Geneva’s horizon in profile. Fuelled by mince pies, banana bread and muffins we played in a nearby playground for over half an hour, then snaked our way down to the playground at Seujet with the forest graffiti walkway. After about a quarter of an hour there we went over the bridge to Stand then got the tram two stops to Plainpalais.

Planpalais is pretty much dominated at present by the Cirque de Noel but we were there for the toddlers’ playground, which is a funny new place. Next to the skate park, it ought to be rammed but it somehow doesn’t quite deliver. The gravel doesn’t help and it always seems cold there. We stayed for quite a while and lots of people came and went. It’s a good playground though, with two discrete areas for different ages and the toddler section is pretty demanding for Mtoto, but he loves a challenge, so it keeps him busy.

Then we went over to Bastions and up into Place Bourg-Four, just because we can. There’s something special about old Geneva on the hill.

Finally home via some shops to knock out a mushroom and broccoli quiche and make mince pies ahead of our fun tomorrow. I was meant to run today but didn’t fit it in. Thankfully I’ve got a day’s grace in the schedule so I’ll have to fit it in on Saturday instead. So something in that can be my Janathon contribution. Maybe the walk from home to our friends first thing, since it was a straight stretch of exercise, punctuated only by stopping to look at the birds, waiting at traffic lights and popping into the Tourist Information to pick up some spare maps for tomorrow.

The birds continued to come come today, not least because we were by the lake:

10. Blue tit

11. Cormorant

12. Mute swan

13. Pochard

14. Coot

15. Tufted duck

16. Black-headed gull

17. Magpie