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Giving notice

When we started “The best days of their lives”, I intended to write about the days, once a week, when I didn’t go to work and instead cared for our mtoto.

I wanted the blog to look good so I didn’t write up our experience as I was waiting for the time to put into the site.

And so 6 months have passed since I changed from working 5 days per week to 4.

Last week everything else changed. We got an incredible opportunity to turn our lives upside down.

From August, L will be working 5-days a week. And for the foreseeable future, I will be the homemaker and full-time carer of our mtoto.

But that’s not all. L’s new job in Geneva, Switzerland. So we are moving lock, stock and barrel to Geneva from London. It’s only 600 miles away, but it is another country. It’s not even in the European Union.

Yet more. This is also a fantastic opportunity for us to learn French and for mtoto to learn French. So, from a not-quite-standing-start, we hope to bring our mtoto up speaking at least 2 languages.

It’s crazy and it’s completely normal, all in one.

We are planning to move within 2 months so we are in the right country when L’s job starts. Apart from that, nothing else has been set.

So far all we’ve done is give our notice at our respective organisations in London, start telling people that we’re off and give notice at mtoto’s nursery. The director of mtoto’s nursery has been brilliant, making us feel very good about our choices. “We will stay in touch,” she said.

Swiss malt


Mtoto has been preparing for our move by taking local malt with his vitamins.