There is a phrase that says: when life gives you lemons make lemonade. We’ve been learning what to do when life (mtoto) gives you apples with a bite taken out.
Apples and pears with a few toddler-sized bites
Not a hard one for me really – I love stewed apples and pears so we’ve been making good use of the fruit left by grazing mtoto to make healthy dessert for all of us. I peel all the fruit, chop it, chuck it in a pan with cinnamon, nutmeg and a little water then gently simmer it for about 10 minutes. Baby-brain alert: set a timer if you are new-born sleep deprived … I lost three pans last year before I learnt this! Sometimes I fancy it up with some raisins (but anyone still changing nappies knows this isn’t pretty!).
I like to turn applesauce into “lazy crumble” by crumbling some biscuits on top (ginger biscuits are particularly good) or for a healthier version add some honey crunchies. I make these by toasting whatever seeds and chopped nuts we have going spare in a dry nonstick pan then taking the pan off the heat and stirring a couple of teaspoons of runny honey. Tip the mix straight onto a plate and spread out to cool (put the pan straight into soak to avoid having to chip the toffified honey off the pan later).
Nuts and seeds with a light coating of honey
It is one of those dishes that is slightly different each time you make it (maybe their were teeth marks in more pears this week) but tasty and satisfying every time.
So when life gives you half eaten apples make applesauce.