Who are we?

We are a small family living in London in the UK. We set up The Best Days of Their Lives to share our experience of bringing up an inner city child and in particular for Jez to share his experience of days spent with our mtoto after changing his work pattern from full-time to part-time.

We also decided that we would publish posts from friends and family and other guest writers.

Then in June 2014 we accepted the opportunity to make some major changes in our lives and move abroad.

So now we’re charting our experience of leaving the UK and going to live in Switzerland. We are also sharing our experience of going from being a one-language family to a two-language family as we hope mtoto will grow up speaking English and French.

Who is mtoto?

Before our mtoto was born we decided, as far as possible, to avoid posting pictures of them on the internet. This is why you don’t tend to see pictures of our mtoto here. Mtoto is Swahili for child.